Food & more food

The shade of yellow/red/blue, has to be perfect, a difference of one hue/tint and the designer/architect will throw a tantrum which could rival a diva with a broken nail. Try rushing the designer and they feel tortured and will lash back with,” we need time to create masterpieces”. Humpphh, we would like to believe get your priorities straight, get into work mode and you can accomplish and reach your goals in the desired timeframe.

With deliberations going about the colors, wood, leather, fittings we decided on checking out the competition, their food, the decor. The foodie in me started doing somersaults in joy(if only these imaginary jumps could burn calories, I would be lighter by a few more pounds) at the thought of eating out regularly and which could be officially justified as market research.

Feasting with the eyes at works of art created on the plate with the food set your intestinal juices flowing and your mouth salivating, makes you want to gobble down food instead of smelling, savoring and relishing it in tiny bites to do the food full justice. Good food has to savored for its subtle underlying flavors, redolent with layers of textures, the first bite is almost an orgasmic experience. I am a big fan of the ‘FOOD PORN’, give me a video of a food making session, a picture of gourmet food at different angles and I am in paradise. You never ever want to come down from this high.

Places with decent food, high prices, some generic photo frames in the name of ambience taught us what not to do. Expensive places with warm inviting interiors, good food made me think of doing the same thing but at prices which would make people want to eat there again and again. To be a favorite with patrons the food has to be affordable, a decent ambience, polite servers and a cheerful vibe of the place. Many a celebrations have been ruined by rude staff, shoddy service, lousy food and over the top prices.

With our priorities set, a clear vision of the place, and in sync with our army of contractors all set to work in tandem we went ahead full steam, a step closer……..

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