Two threads, one thought.

‘Intolerance returns’….... starring a dumb actor without opinions.

If I were to make a movie what would I need ? A good cast, be careful the actors shouldn't have voiced their opinions against the growing intolerance in the country or else there will be protests outside the actors home, you will gain free publicity that's a different thing.

You will need a good script, it is usually a requirement our directors forget to include. The story should not be based on a book that has been banned or else your face will be blackened and then you and some supporters from the film fraternity will have to return their awards to show solidarity.

No smoking scenes, cigarettes can be sold at a kiosk near the theatre, but in a movie these "cancer sticks' will influence impressionable young minds.

No long kisses or nudity, the censor board will chop off those scenes. You can have raunchy so called ‘item number’, show actresses doing the pelvic thrust, dance with their chests heaving wearing a thin saree clinging to their body in the rain, saree is Indian, but kissing is a big no, that’s a western trend you see. This is from the land of Kama sutra.

You have to have a scene where the heroine invites rape by wearing short skirts and being modern. Females wearing full clothes are never raped, is it so? Rape is a result of a sick mind, doesn't happen because of short skirts.

The villain has to be from a minority community with rigid religious beliefs. Aren't people from a particular community terrorists ?

Follow these guidelines and your movie will be made sans any protests, from which you could have gotten free publicity and saved some money as after making a movie with so many dos and don'ts it is not going to make any money at the box office, so might as well save some money now.

My way, or the highway.

A journalists face being blackened for supporting a book from a hostile country, girls being banned from wearing western clothes, paintings burnt and destroyed as they seemingly hurt religious sentiments, meat of a particular type banned, scenes from a movie shortened as they are not of our culture, a actor is lambasted for voicing his opinions. These are a few popular instances of intolerance.

Your views are the one that matters, rest everyone can go take a hike. Is it a dictatorship where you surround yourself with like minded people and those with contradictory views are to be shunned and punished.

What kind of society are we living in? Have we become so rigid and set with our opinions? Or are we being influenced by political parties who air their hatred on television, social and print media.
Is the common man also intolerant ? Or is it the work of hired goons to scare the society into submission.

We as common people will discuss about it amongst ourselves, but we our too intimidated by the powers to be that we do not protest these acts, become immune to them and intolerance becomes a part of our lives.

Isn't it a individual choice as to what we wear, eat, where we live, religious beliefs. We have to respect social boundaries but still have our own way of living.

As humans living in a Democratic country we should not be scared and learn to support diversity in religion, beliefs, different opinions, clothes and individual choices.
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