Life Reloaded.

Have you ever been in a group of women whose ages are on the other side of sixty. Their conversation is so raunchy, they could put a high on hormone, full of sexual curiosity, sixteen year old to shame. They will talk about every topic under the sun without inhibitions, be it their obedient son, not so obedient daughter-in-law, loving grandkids, or the gossip about their young and free neighbors.

Not all of them are jolly good fellas, some of them can be meaner than yesteryears Lalitha Pawar depicting the evil older women, she had done so many wicked ma-in-law characters that moms would frighten young brides to be saying, "lets hope your ma-in-law won’t be a Lalita Pawar".They will create a maze of deceit and lies amongst their friends and family members that could challenge Chanakya’s political brain, she is a strong foe to beware of. In the movies she generally has a heart of gold under that tyrant hard heart, but in real life that heart of gold is rather difficult to find.

Some are all sugar, sweet, docile and self sacrificing like Nirupama Roy always eager to bow down to the wishes of the dominating daughter-in-law and ready to take the bullet for her sons. But do these really exist in real life, I think if you are too sweet you could get and give diabetes to everyone around you, its better to add a bit of tartness to your sweet disposition to keep life interesting.

Some of them are pure evil like Bindu, they are pure black, no shades of grey for them. They can be Satan minus the horns. Their eyes will shoot daggers at you when you pass them, if looks could kill you would have been dead long back. It is better to stay away from such perfect soul sucking vamps.

Recent movies have found the perfect mom in Farida Jalal, she is in tune with the latest happenings, fun to be with and devoted to her children. All young girls would definitely want her as a part of her family, be it as a grandma or as an relative in-law.

But life is more than movies, in real life the older people in our life are normal people with different personalities. Some are so needy they cannot let go of their children, they will be so insecure that even a minor sniffle will warrant major attention from their entire brood. Some are proud of their achievements and can live life in the glory of things done during their productive years. Some are gossipy, meddlesome and love to interfere in the lives of everyone around them,right from their children, the maids to the dogs in the neighborhood. The adventurous type love to travel and are off to explore a new destination every few months. They also run in marathons and are happy to finish last, reveling in the fact that they could complete it. Some are sixty going on sixteen wanting to wear the trendiest clothes with cool sunglasses and cutting quite a dashing figure, but they can also end up looking ridiculous, it is a thin line from being stylish to going over the top.
It is politically incorrect to speak negatively of the older generation, but it is hard to empathize with the clingy, insecure meddling ones.

Yes they do need extra care and attention from their loved ones, and they have good advice to impart, which they have gained from years of experience. Both the generations have to find a rhythm which suits them so that the vitality of youth can blend with the wisdom of age to give the perfect note to the song called life.