Not just an accessory.

Dig into a handbag for your keys and you will find a tissue, pens, sunglasses, money definitely can’t survive without it, credit cards, emergency money, wallet which keeps getting an identity crisis amidst all the things in there, scissors you never know when you might need them, nail cutter, nail filer, candy to pacify/lure kids, maybe chocolate also, receipts what if you have to exchange a particular article, a single earring(in hopes of getting hold of its misplaced mate), over the counter medication for the unexpected headache, tic tac pins, tiny bottle of moisturiser, head phones, cell phone, power bank, e-reader, bindis, safety pins, rubber bands, mouth fresheners, lipstick for a quick touch up , assortment of keys, errant measuring tape or a sewing needle and anything else that one would need the entire day except for the keys you were looking for. If you lug all this around the entire day it can be counted as weight training in lieu of going to the gym or it could give you a severe shoulder/back pain.

Big, small, huge, medium, tiny; round, square, rectangle, cylindrical, half moon shaped; with long straps, short handles, no handles; with beads, embroidered, printed, painted, stone embellished; in a hue of colors, golden, silver, copperish; made of leather, faux leather, velvet, silk, suede, canvass, cotton, poly blends; elegant, flamboyant, boring, functional bags. They come in a plethora of design to match the vivid imagination of the individual intending to use them.

High profile women flaunt their 'Louis Vuitton' bags which would keep me in the well dressed genre for more than a year. A '’Birkin' has a waiting list of more than four years and according to a leading newspaper research it’s value appreciates better than gold, makes sense to own/invest in one if you have the clout to make it to the '’Birkin list or 'Bagwati' as in the movie 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' where the bag wears sunglasses, gets preferential treatment and a VIP seat for itself.

Style Divas match shoes and bags which complement their outfits. Saree clad women carry a tiny palm sized bag hooked to the waist, usually contains a cellphone, they even have teeny zippered pockets to keep money and miniscule trinkets like safety pins and keys.

There are no pockets in the clothes that women wear, even if there are they do not use them to keep things as the ungainly bulges are off putting, hence the handbag.

Flaunt it, walk tall, be proudly feminine and take over the world spectacularly with your confidence and a bag on your arm filled with necessary weapons for a spectacular win.

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