Now, let’s have some fun.

The children have grown up, they are still sort of embarrassed to go out with us, it’s all right to go together for an occasional meal once in a while but anything other than that is a tug-of-war of negotiations, with bribes offered and reoffered with higher stakes but no positive outcome. You end up going on your own and relearn to enjoy as a couple, cherish the peace, go to places you feel like visiting without snarky comments from your offspring.You can order food of your choice, no spilled water on the table, no condescending glances from your server about the mess on the table. Now that we have grown up kids, the kind of mess they create is of a different kind and complicated to clean up.

We have the freedom to do things we missed out on earlier, we don’t have late night curfews, we don’t have to get up before the sun for school, we can go to bed at dawn if we have the grit to stay awake the entire night, it’s a different thing that we start nodding of after midnight. I know age boundaries are blurred with forties touted as the new thirties which gives you the license to do a lot of things which you might have missed doing when you were chasing deadlines, school vans, pay checks. It’s notons if you are retired and ready to hang your boots, but life is slightly laid back with kids, finances moreless sorted and the attitude to pursue things you have been dreaming of.

First would be to reconnect with long lost not in touch friends or make new ones so that you can have fun as a group, where you goad each other into bungee jumping or trekking despite the discomfort in your knee, back or groaning joints. You start feeling young again, ready to tackle the world with an arm tied behind your back, colors seem vibrant, life to be lived to the fullest, new adventures and places to be explored.

The clubbing scene which seems to be pumped up with steroids is on full blast has to be one of the things to be done. Not paying heed to the snickering children, we embark on this journey with newfound gusto.The women go shopping for new outfits, matching shoes and bags. They have to look chic and in sync with the pubbing crowd. They will even go on a diet to fit into those hip n happening dresses, can’t have them looking dowdy or looking their age. They love the compliments, "you look so much younger’, ' I can’t believe you have grown up kids’, which makes them proud as a peacock, yeah in the beauty section this male outshines the female species.

Despite leaving late from home we are still early for the crowds, I know different mindsets, for us 9:00 at night is ohh!! its sort of late but the party is not about to start. The advantage of reaching early is we can snag a table and watch others arrive without being intimidated with a huge crowd. Most of the women down Tequila shots as if they have been doing it all their lives, I know it’s the first for most of them, but what the heck, they have to get in the spirit of the place, literally and figuratively. No doubt inspired by the actresses which down shots as if they are going out of fashion and have to be used up.

Once everyone has a nice buzz on we head to the dance floor. Even if our moves are from a different era we manage to outdance everyone, keep on swinging by the music till late. The music sounded alien to us but we were high on life and kept on rocking and having a blast.

One thing ticked off on the bucket list, we sleep contented and dreaming of other adventures to be tackled and bigger mountains of excitement to be scaled.

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