The chronicles .


Waking up to the dreaded sound of the alarm, (the alarm is a rude intruder/destroyer of dreams, till date i detest waking up to it) if I press snooze the schedule which is detailed down to seconds will go amok and catching up will be like walking uphill wearing a pair of stilettos, doable but a real pain in the extremities. Getting prep done in the kitchen, waking up the little ones, for them mom is the best alarm in the world, they also have the luxury to indulge in a teenie tiny snooze, isn’t that’s what being a child is about. Back in the kitchen get a few more things done and in the kids bed for a morning cuddle, where they are still warm, innocent babies, an oasis of precious moments in an otherwise prickly, surly, treacherous teenage world and I am still their cherished mom (these moments should be bottled and stored forever, where one can visit them even when the little ones have left the nest and you are left with a gnawing emptiness which no one can replace). After they have been dragged/ cajoled out of their cosy haven, it is a mad rush to brush, bathe, a battle of wills to drink milk, have a wee bit to eat and Bye!!!

Next comes the ‘dearest other half’, who is blissfully sleeping totally unaware of the morning tsunami that passes through the house every school day. A wake-up cuddle which could ummm lead to interesting things or not, breakfast, packed lunch and Bye!!

Getting seemingly endless chores done, with the help taking care of the mundane, the tasks somehow seem never ending, thankless and automated. Catch up on sleep with a miniscule power nap, wake up geared to play referee to progeny who are full of pent up energy after being under strict supervision the entire day at school. The daughter can’t stop talking about her day and the son has to be bullied into sharing the important details, gender stereotype does hold true at times. Getting them washed/changed, finish homework, chauffeur them to the innumerable classes which are sort of de-rigueur nowadays. Start on dinner, get the kids to bed on time so that they don’t doze off in school the next day, catch up on TV or unwind by reading and in bed to be up the next morning for a repeat of the same.

Paul Coelho was so right when he said, “if you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is LETHAL.

The little ones are all grown up, ready to make a mark on the world and leaving me with long days, where I can explore and choose directions without any restrictions and boundaries, where fear and limited thinking are the only obstacles to finding a new me and also a new us (me and my other half), where our relation takes a different dimension from being the young parents with few moments to spare for each other, now with stronger bonds and better understanding of life and its peripherals. We could either slow down, go on vacations or go on to explore unchartered places but with thrills and excitement which will keep us feeling young forever.

This new series of blogs will give you a glimpse of the experiences undergone in search of metaphorical mountains to climb.

Keep reading and following to know about the next step that life will lead us to.

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