Feminists a word which can raise eyebrows or garner support. Feminism has been around forever. It is believed that in ancient India women were liberal and had as much freedom as men. The 'purdah’, moral restrictions and boundaries are legacies of the various invaders over the centuries.
In the early nineteenth and twentieth century women wanted equal legal right and the right to vote. The bra- burning women of the sixties demanded equal pay, contraception. As Betty Friedman a feminist of the sixties says, "the movement is about the problem that has no name". Women mostly who were Housewives had all the material comforts but they wanted fulfilling lives not revolving around the home, hearth and children. The women of the eighties and nineties carried the movement forward, and we have benefitted from it by leading a better life compared to our mothers and grandmothers.

Despite all this women in today’s world, still have to fight a lot of battles. They do not want to be like/equal to men, they know that physically, emotionally, genetically they are poles apart. We know that as the feminine species we have different needs and desires , we love to look pretty, go shopping even if there is closet full of shoes at home, need friends and have to talk to them, we are emotional but very rational when we have to make a decision. We are in tune with our inner selves but we also need to vent out our emotions, we can cry when things get to be too much, but we are a steel fist in a velvet glove.

We know what we are capable of but we still have to prove it to our men that we can be self sufficient and independent. Most men want a superwoman who is financially independent, dresses like a model, with the skills of a chef, sexy as Sunny Leone in bed, mute and docile at home, a better version of barefoot and pregnant from the stone ages. Be that if you want to, but seriously is it humanly possible to be all that. Don't be the kind where when your man says 'jump' and you ask, "how high"?

Learn to put your foot down at unrealistic expectations, stand up for yourself. You ignore little put downs and soon you will turn into a doormat or a punching bag where everyone punches out their frustrations and pent up energy. 
Self respect and freedom varies with each person. For a stay at home mom it could be learning to drive or going out on her own, using the ATM without any help. For a working money spinner it could be staying at home and spending time with family.

Some might want to wear whatever they want to within limits of decency, but decency again has a different yardstick in every part of the world, a few might prefer the anonymity and security of a covered face.

We do not have walls around us but we have to break the glass ceiling which gives us a illusion of having conquered it all. Overcome prejudices which puts limitations on achievements. Set our own goals and keep moving ahead and break down barriers.

Let’s embrace our feminity and celebrate being a woman. As Audrey Hepburn said,"I believe in pink. I believe the happiest girls are the prettiest girls". You decide what is right and wrong for you. Be the creator of your future. Don’t let anyone dictate to you. Your HAPPY place is where you want it to be.

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