Why and Who Should go For QA Live Project Training

Here is a simple guide for you that can help you decide why you should take up QA live project training. There are several online tutorials and QA Testing Live Projects that guide you through but before one enroll’s , there are certain things you should know about Quality Assurance which makes your decision of going for QA Testing Live Project training further easier.

What does Quality Assurance Project deal with?

Quality Assurance, a part of software testing is a course that prepares you to become a skilled and trained software professional who can quite easily ensure the quality of the software by using automated testing tools or manual testing.

Who can enroll for Quality Assurance Project?

If you wish to take up a role in the software industry which makes you different from others sets you apart from the rest, the software Quality assurance project is the right choice one for you.

The role of QA testers is to ensure the quality of a project from the very beginning of each project. The QA testers are given the responsibility of ensuring that everything is according to the specified quality standards and the requirements of the stake holders. A Quality Assurance professional should also consider up of Manual Testing Live Projects as well.

What are the responsibilities of a QA Analyst?

While there are several roles and responsibilities of a QA tester, here are few the most important ones.

  • Identifying the requirements of the project
  • Preparing and updating the test case requirements
  • Updating the test result document
  • Ensuring the compliance of the job being done to all the standards of testing
  • Following the testing protocols
  • Analyzing the performance of the product

Now that you have a brief idea about the Quality Assurance, there are certain basic things that you should know about testing before taking up manual testing projects or any random online testing projects.

Importance of Quality for Software

The quality of a software is a specification that forms the most important segment of software development. The quality of a software along with cost, functionality and schedule determines the success or failure of the software.

Even after a lot of hard work long and sophisticated thrive, few defects may remain in the software system when the product is being delivered to a customers or when it is released in the market.

This is where quality assurance comes into the picture. It ensures that minimum damage or disruptions are caused to the user by using the QA alternatives. In every software process, the QA activities form an integral part.

Software Testing — The Most Important Segment of Quality Assurance

Testing is the common and important for Quality Assurance activity that is performed to ensure the quality of a designed product.

Characteristics of Quality Assurance

  • QA establishes the framework at the organizational level and at the project level.
  • It helps in evaluating the process that is used for making a product.
  • It identifies weakness of a product.
  • The occurrence of defects can be defined and detected much in advance.
  • The QA does not coexist with good audit and good quality control.