Journey of DLithe Bootcamp JAVA Full Stack Developer||Week5(April18-April23)


The day started with a fresh mind. Shankar started the java concept.

How to create a String object?

There are 2 ways to create a String object:

  1. By string literal: String s1=” Swapna”;
  2. Use new keyword: String s= new String(“Swapna”);

String Methods

  1. charAt()
  2. concat()
  3. contains()
  4. equals()
  5. valueOf()
  6. booleanequals()
  7. equalsIgnoreCase()
  8. format()
  9. getChars()
  10. stringintindexOf()
  11. length()
  12. startsWith()
  13. subSequence()
  14. toLowercase()
  15. trim()


An interface in Java is a blueprint of a class. It has static constants and abstract methods.

The interface in java is a mechanism to achieve abstraction. There can be only abstract methods in the Java interface, not the method body. It is used to achieve abstraction and multiple inheritances in Java.

How to create interface in IntelliJ

Abstract Method

A method without a body is known as an abstract method.

  1. Marker Interface
  2. Functional Interface


The day started with some discussion Arun gave the information about

  1. Agile Methodology

JRE Tool

Later Shankar join and started fillers of oops concept

  1. Encapsulation
  2. Abstraction
  3. Inheritance
  4. Polymorphism

1. Encapsulation:-(Hiding Necessary data) Binding the data where the class members are declared private and controlled access is given by using getters and setters.

2. Abstraction:- Is the process of hiding details and showing only implementation to the user.

3. Inheritance:-Inheritance the process of one class inheriting the properties of another class.

.Single Inheritance

.Multilevel Inheritance

.Hierarchical Inheritance

  • method overloading
  • Method overriding


Today Shankar conduct one surprise technical activity. It’s related to logical thinking of the coding part.

Post lunch some team members gave the presentation.

After the presentation, Shankar gave the information about git. How to push and commit the code all things he will explain. Next is taught about Exception Handling.

Exception Hierarchy

Exception:-Unexcepted or Unwanted Scenario.


The day started with a standup meeting and later Shankar revise the Exception Handling.

  1. try & catch, finally
  2. throw
  3. throws


Collection Framework




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