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Task 2.2 - Git and its uses
Well, writing and experimenting with the code is a good practice. But coding can be more realistic and bug free when a community of interested coders work on the same code, add and make changes to the code (even good when working remotely in peace). Git provides a lot here. ;)

>What’s git ?
Git is a tool specially made for developers. It provides users to write code, provides push & pull feature to push the changes to their development platform and hence works as a repository for the code. Using git one can also revert to the last made changes(whichever they want) using pull feature, as it contains all the list of changes made, and stores the record for what the changes made in all the commits.
The special feature which git has is the collaboration of the team across the world. Using this feature coders across the world can collaborate and contribute to the same project and add and alter the code, which contributes to the great code and helps develop the highly usable and scalable softwares.

>Why is git useful ?
Git is useful as, more than just providing the above described features it also provides security for your code. Protected branches, signed commits, and required status checks protect your work and help you maintain a high standard for your code.
Also it allows users to limit the access to the code for the user or contributor and protect the code from being compromised and misused by providing granular permissions and authentication through SAML/SSO and LDAP.
‘Secure and reliable hosting of work on github and deployment of GitHub Enterprise on your own servers or in a private cloud using Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google Cloud Platform’ is one of the good features of git.

One can learn more about and go through learning git using the tutorial provided by git I used.

Thanks for your time here. :)