Swapnil D Bawane
Apr 30, 2018 · 1 min read

Attended a Rudra Puja and satsang, some thoughts that came and resonated well.

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It's a high,
I won't lie.
Neither of tea, nor of coffee,
Or of the liquids and gaseous hippie.

A different kind,
Of divine vibrations and sound.
Some tears of gratitude,
Dropping years of attitude.

Oh how deep you go,
And realise how shallow some show.
Of emotions, of words,
Of the fancy outfits.
None matches the time,
You go inwards and watch it.

Of letting go,
Of smiling within,
Of crying in joy,
Of celebration of a kid.

Such pure, so much innocence.
Like the honey drips down,
Oh, ambrosia and heaven.

You can't see,
Nor tell,
Nor smell..
These moments are so ethereal,
Sometimes wonder how it appears so real.

Settled down.

Time to reunite,
to awaken,
the devotion inside :)

Swapnil D Bawane

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Still figuring out life as it happens!

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