Do you have the “I can’t write!” dilemma?

The other day I heard from a friend of mine : Are you always in a state of witness when you write.

This is when she had read some of the write ups. I must say, I don’t have any major publication but I think I have something to share from my own learning process to write smaller micro blogs through Facebook and Twitter. I majorly have written about life and philosophy but many say, they like it. Okay, so let’s get back to the topic. Do you think you face the writer’s dilemma? Let me speak on that.

It’s not difficult to write, but it takes time to express and go your own style. The style you want your reader to read about.

Most people who complain, I can’t write probably haven’t started to write! The problem lies where one feels, one has to please the audience. What if they don’t understand it?

That's the problematic part. So the answer is, if you want to write, start writing. Don't write it for others, you will always feel discouraged and incomplete. 
Write for your self. Go back to bed and look at what you wrote the next day and say, is this what I wanted to say through my words? If you think it's incomplete, go through the words and ask what's missing. What part of the experience that has enveloped my thoughts failed to manifest in words and sit back and try to manifest it. 
That's the exercise you have to do, to reach at a stage where your audience gets it as much as it's in your head. Your writing translate the exact experience you imagined.

And it can take time. And you should be patient.

So if you want to write, start writing for yourself. Then ask if it’s complete. Complete it first from your end. Then, you may take help of someone and ask them to read and question, what did they understand about the write up. Ask their summary. Note it down if it’s something critic worthy. And tone your writing gradually from meaningful critics.

All the best and keep writing. Remember it’s a process. Start expressing and find your tune. Then let your words sing your tune that will resonate and mesmerize many!