Glimpse into a day of Demonetization!

So if you are in India, Demonetization.. this you must have heard a lot of times. This is definitely a major step taken by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. Most of India seems to be optimistic and convinced thoroughly that it will definitely help the nation a lot, though there have been some inconveniences for some. Cashless way of working is not mainstream, yet, in India and its natural its not going to be easy. Let’s be frank! So here we are, worthy to contribute in this massive task undertaken by our PM to tackle corruption and black money.

These past few days, were quite enlightening too! It has led to more awareness on the money spent. I make efforts to spend as little as possible. Reason? Getting cash could be a hell of task at some places. So prevention is better, i suppose. Thankfully, for an year or so, i have adapted to the cashless way and utilizing online gateways for payment, which is by far, very satisfying and hassle-free!

So, here i am. With little money in the wallet and living in a city like Mumbai! Although digital was my bet for most transactions. I dared not to live with the bet and chose to visit my bank branch today, to stock required cash to survive for a week at least and also to complete multiple tasks.. Went in twice and for a total of over 5 hours. The line was less but since there was one counter for depositing amount, it took around 2 hours to complete the deposit amounts of around just 20 people. With no sitting place for everyone, it was indeed uncomfortable. To add, the line did not move for half and hour at all!! 
Outside standing in queue, waiting every moment was tiring for some and made them restless. 
Two guys one around 50 years and other around 30 years tried to raise the voice and heat up things to try put pressure to do things faster. 
There was comparison made, why did you just keep one counter. The other bank has done such a fantastic job. You guys are damn slow. You don’t know how to do it fast. 
We have account in this bank, why we have to spend time.. 
The restlessness was showing up. 
After some time, one of guy, 50+ year got fed up and left. 
Me and others had a mutual opinion that we need to adjust and wait. 
The bank guys literally had to hear from everyone. 
Truth was, people from other branches, other banks were too coming in i heard. Being a local branch, it was equipped with just one cashier spot and since cash had got over, withdrawal was not possible for morning session. To add, everyone did not bring in the same amount. Some had brought bigger amounts and multiple deposit slips. 
It had all to be well scrutinized. The amounts needed to correctly tallied. The deposit slip checked. The elderly lady as cashier was sitting there since morning looking at the computer, notes and doing her best she could to have a error free transactions. The staff had to literally tackle the customers emotionally when customers failed to cooperate at the present situation. 
At evening, i saw some of the bank officials say, lets go to eat. and then voice echoed in from three corners, yes… haven’t eaten today at all. I guess even if they try to eat something people would think they don’t care about the line and are enjoying. Perception can be deceiving. 
I saw someone saying. I am standing since one hour..I have work to do and all. There was desperation and there was tiredness. I just felt like saying.. It’s just few months, let’s just stretch it.
One the other hand, there was effort made by bankers coming for withdrawal of money. They issued tokens, took people’s number and told them, to go back home and they would get a call as soon as the money is available at the bank. And they did call. 
To some they tried to convince to take only the cash that is necessary so that everyone can take cash back home. You could see the official’s concern for all. 
To senior citizens, they offered seats and took care to listen to them. 
In all this, one can expect the officials to get confused, irritated or they may unknowingly raise the voice while telling us a message. We all need to know they are stressed. One guy deliberately pointed out to an official, “hello why are you questioning me? Are you crazy? You are stressed.” And you know what did the official asked, “what are you standing in line for?” The official was doing his job, the guy confused it and instead of answering, chose to react. Things like these can be head ache for them. But as customers, we all need to understand and be prepared to be in line and take care of ourselves. 
I could also see more good acts by people during the time i waited. MEP officials came and distributed water to us. Then in evening, a lady came, she had been to three banks and hard luck. This time when she came again to our bank, they told her no currency exchange, come back tomorrow..But a good guy saw her and said, give me your old notes and take these new 2000 notes. 
It was a mixed day, with inconvenience for sometime. But as soon as money came in hands and our work got completed..there was immediately a sigh of relief. A mission accomplished feeling for each one of us. 
It was, because never before these actions took so much time and effort. Finally effort of standing in line was worth it. The patience was rewarding :)
I thank the bank officials for being there tirelessly working beyond their limits and doing their every inch to make things comfortable for us. Thank you to all of you :)

On a further introspection i felt something needed to be addressed so adding that as update to this blog!


Let me look in to the speed of the bank official — cashier .
15 people in 2 hours means, approx 7 people an hour..So guess, approx 8 minutes per person. 8 minutes is a less time for one person but can be enormous if you are at the end of the queue. Now let’s add the complications. 
Break time post an hour for 5 mins. 
Multiple pay in slips.
Amounts close to one lakh. 
Not having id proof xerox. 
Not filling in the deposit slip correctly.

All of these can add up time.Something that we as an individual won’t feel it, but at the end of the queue it is an outrageous amount of time spent! :)

lets know these facts and prepare ourselves when we enter in the bank. Good thing is to just visit the bank and ask the officials the right time to come, than being demanding when you come. Most Officials will help you out most probably and advise you accordingly.