Swapnil D Bawane
Apr 11, 2018 · 1 min read

Prayer is your support, pray in good and bad times, both.

About prayers.

When in bad times,
you can pray to God...
for the strength to live in the moment,
for patience to move through the moment,
for guidance to be able to sail through the moment,
for forgiveness, if you think you are going through bad times because of your actions.
for faith, that you don't lose your mind.

When in good times,
you can pray to God...
And thank the God also..

Thank him
For blessing with everything needed
For the support in bad times
For the tiny gestures of love and reminding he is there

Pray to God
That may this faith and blessing be there.
That may this ability to be good and do good be there.
That may I continue to have courage, strength, confidence, knowledge to help myself.
That I can do something whatever little for others who are in bad times.
That this life may not be wasted in petty things and be there to sow seeds of goodness every day.
That my faith and trust in God not shake through by events but strengthen it.
That every day I have remembrance of you, that things do not influence me to not recall you.
That this connection of you and me, of love, respect and care, be there lifetime.
That I love you and thank you for everything.

Swapnil D Bawane

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