Swapnil D Bawane
Apr 11, 2018 · 1 min read

Time and You. Find time for something new!

The thing about us is that we fail to acknowledge the routine.
We refuse to acknowledge that there could be failure, breakdowns in routine and that things could take time.
To bring in anything new, we simple need to acknowledge the routine and replace some of it with something new.
Again, if we set high standards for change to set it, then most likely we are going to quit faster. Slow and steady is the key. A study says it takes 40 days to form a habit. So if we stick to 40 with small bites we will be ready to work on high standards.

Another thing is the reason why most of us feel irritated angry and feel interfered for most of our common tasks is because they exist and we haven't looked onto them. We haven't looked at what exists for the work we are assigned to. Taking out time and acknowledging and providing solution for it is going to help.

If we try to fit in change without a new routine its not going to work long. One day two days and a week later, you will find a excuse you don’t have time. And it’s true. One really doesn’t have time. One has to take out time for new things and that can only happen by replacing it with what exists.

Swapnil D Bawane

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