Togetherness and Society

We all need each other to live in positive energy. In a world subtly divided in negativity, where doubts rule and fear conquers the anxious minds. At such times, only our unity will help us. Unity of whom? Unity of those who have the strength to live without fear in such times. There are individuals, groups who have conquered the limitations of adversity and dominance of negativity and set a prime example of what it is to live. Who haven't lost hope and fought each moment to give everyone an example to cherish for. It is indeed these people who make life look worth living. It is in remembrance and understanding of these minds, their thoughts that can act as catalyst and bring about a change that can last for long. 
The world needs a peaceful model - a successful model. A model that can guide how to live beyond conflicts and prosper. 
In the absence of this all can be said is,

“United we can prosper, divided we wander..”

History has been subject how divided minds have found it difficult to bring about peace in the society. It is indeed in mutual understanding can values be understood, respected and allowed to retain their space.

Divided and scattered in positive thoughts, it will be difficult to make a sustainable impact and reinforce the positivism. United we can bring about a change that we all sub consciously think of.

Time and again, we come across individuals who have come forward and made an effort to unite the divided minds. Present day Gurus and saints are making every possible effort to revive the juice of life that many seem to have lost. Modern day Gurus are now adopting approaches to unite all and create a peaceful model in society.

These efforts need support. We all need to put our aahuti [ offering ] in the yagya that is for the benefit of all.

Let's come together and build together a peaceful society, a United society !