Swapnil D Bawane
Apr 9, 2018 · 1 min read

Types of comfort!

There are two types of comfort that one may try to resort to.

One type of comfort is that which comes out of hiding, postponing, suppressing.
You know there are things pending but you deliberately don't address it and to forget it you get involved in seeking immediate comfort and in the process try to hide it, postpone it, suppress it.

With immediate gratification from so the called comfort, you feel "happy" now.
Over time you become used to it and neglect things and turn hard inside. You become closed to some part of your life. You turn to be more agitated, angry, irritated and appear to be a lot selfish. At any time though there can be a breakdown in life, living such a lifestyle.

Then there is another type of comfort.
A comfort that comes out of clarity. It is when you see the problem as it is and sit down and understand it. You go through and acknowledge every possible thing in the process. You don't label things, you just glide through everything possible about the problem. And then you start taking action. Initially it is totally unpleasant, so many of your harbored traits are exposed and you might have to resort to a much stricter lifestyle but the comfort that comes out of such a clarity gives you confidence. It's give you power of kindness and compassion. It gives you absolute authority over life. Such comfort can take you a long way ahead in life.

Choose the comfort and also own it's effects.

Swapnil D Bawane

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