Ishaan, born in the 90’s, was a social freak. He had completed his graduation and was selected by his company to work in London for 2 years. Ishaan was the only child of his parents and he was raised with all comforts. Ishaan loved his parents a lot and he was very happy that he is making them proud by working in a big firm.

Ishaan had a long vacation before his joining in London. He spent his holidays partying, travelling and had fun with all his friends. He was a social freak and whenever he stayed home, he would use his gadgets. His parents were worried as to how he would manage in London living all alone. He had never done any of the basic household works before and his mother really wanted him to learn so that he is comfortable in London. He never talked much to his parents about all this though he respected them a lot. Days were passing and Ishaan was busy enjoying. He had never lived away from home for more than a month. His life was going to change but Ishaan just took it easy as he thought he would manage. The vacation was about to get over and he had his flight in next five days.

Five days prior to leaving, Ishaan went to his mother’s room to ask her something and that’s when he realized she was crying in the dark. He didn’t know the reason and so he got a little worried and he wanted to know the reason. She just lay her hand on Ishaan’s head and said “I don’t know how will you survive there, everything will be so new to you. No one will be there to cook you food whenever you want, nobody will wash your clothes or get you everything when you want. You will have to wake up by yourself, you will have to manage your pockets very carefully. There is every possibility that you might get carried away into wrong things and there wouldn’t be anybody to control you. I don’t know how am I going to spend my days waiting for you. I shall come with you if dad can manage here or is it possible for you to stay here and get a job here in India?”

Ishaan was in tears. He was scared. He never thought how he would live without his mom. He started talking to his mom about all the small things that he would miss and he felt like there is so much more to talk but there is not much time left. Tears made the loudest sounds in that room and he just held her mother’s hand and slept for a while. He felt like never leaving her hand but he couldn’t see his mom this way and so he went back to his room and he cried a lot. That night, it rained heavily on his pillow. He was just wondering as to why did he have the best conversation in the last days of his vacation where he could’ve had it everyday. Time was the winner again and Ishaan had to leave.

“The most beautiful creature god ever made was, is and will be mother”

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