The boy from India

The tragedy

Yakub, a tall and skinny guy lived with his parents and siblings in Kashmir. His father was a vedh(doctor) and they lived happily with whatever they had. Yakub was very innocent and he liked helping people in need. The war between the two countries(Indo-Pak) was always on.

Two soldiers from the other side of the border were found injured badly in the northern parts of Kashmir which falls in India. Without any hesitation, he took them to his shelter for help. Yakub’s father was told that they were Indian soldiers and needed help badly. It was a life risk for Yakub’s family. For two days, those soldiers were treated at Yakub’s place. The next morning, Yakub went to meet his friend who stayed few miles away. When he returned in the evening, his house was left with ashes. His family was dead and also the two soldiers. When the Indian soldiers found that there are soldiers from the opposition country hiding in the house, without any second thought they blew the house considering Yakub’s family to be betrayers to the nation. Yakub’s neighbours started talking awful things about his family like “khaya humare desh ka, ched bhi humare desh me. Gadhaar “. Only Yakub knew the truth and his parents were in the dark. It was impossible for Yakub to believe that his family is no more. Moreover people were so furiated over his family that Yakub had to leave the village. Yakub started hating himself. He felt like dying. He wasn’t able to believe that helping someone will result to this. He moved far away from that place and after few days he reached a small village called Karjan in Himachal Pradesh.

The decision

Yakub had nothing with him and had no money to survive. He met a man Ali who was of his father’s age. He provided him with shelter and some food. Ali was a great wrestler but he never represented India as he had false allegations on him. Yakub started working as a tourist guide in Himachal and stayed with Ali. Yakub was through a lot of pain. When Ali came to know about Yakub’s story, he had a thought of training Yakub and make him a wrestler. Yakub being a skinny fellow and having a lean body could have never become a wrestler. Yakub was not ready to what Ali had proposed. But as and when the days passed, Yakub was getting more frustrated day-by-day. Yakub was thinking about the incident which finished his life in a brisk and something just changed his mind and he decided to become a wrestler.

The growing

Ali started with Yakub’s training and it was getting very difficult for Yakub to cope up. Days passed by, years passed by and after seven years, Yakub turned into a tall, muscular guy with great biceps and chest popping out. He had really long hair and a long beard that could scare anybody. Yakub looked like the strongest man of Himachal. Ali had turned a scarecrow looking person into a giant.

After all Ali always said “Pain is weakness leaving your body” .

The fame

Yakub started wrestling and he became a star in that small town. He worked really hard and whenever he wrestled, it seemed like he was leaving the pain behind him. His dedication took no time for him to reach the national level and he was about to represent India. Yakub’s past was not known to anybody and he never wanted his story to come out.

Yakub represented India and he soon became the world champion. People started celebrating for Yakub, worshipping Yakub and he was the star of the country. He wrestled hard and he never wanted to lose again. Every time he was in the ring, he was fighting pain and never an opponent. When once a reporter asked Yakub about what satisfies him the most? He replied in a very thick voice “Yakub, the boy from India”. It was probably the first time Yakub had spoken to someone other than Ali in seven years. Everybody enjoyed his victory but only he felt it.

The chance

Yakub wanted to end his life when his parents died but destiny brought him to Ali. Above destiny, it was his dedication to fight his pain, dedication to grow above the weakness and dedication to find peace because

“Wrestling is all about fighting what lies within”

Life always gives you a second chance. Some take it but a few take it to make it.

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