History of Swapnil Saundarya Label

We all are familiar with the fact that crafted works are novel declarations and speak to a society, convention and legacy of a nation. The Handicraft Industry is one of the significant profitable division .Handicraft can promote the life and culture of a place by doing something out of indigenous raw materials available in their place.Entrepreneurs can help promote culture and tradition by selling native outputs and by using our own materials as the main material in a product.

‘Nest of Happiness‘ ~ Bellissima by Swapnil Saundarya
‘Tree of Life ‘ ~ Bellissima by Swapnil Saundarya

Let’s focus your attention on India’s luxury and lifestyle brand established on social and environmentally sustainable principles namely Swapnil Saundarya Label .

Swapnil Saundarya Label is the brain child of Sister and Brother Duo ,Jewellery Designer , fashion Consultant, Columnist , Author and Craft Expert, Swapnil and Interior Design & Art Journalist, Editor and Painter Rishabh Shukla

Swapnil Saundarya was first a blog born out of Jewellery Designer Swapnil Shukla’s love for art, fashion, Lifestyle and for sharing her passion for it. She loves to share her finds and discoveries through her blog and throwing light on the rich and unique culture and heritage of India .Considering the fabulous response by the readers, Interior Designer and Painter Rishabh has metamorphosed this blog into an ezine namely Swapnil Saundarya ezine and it becomes a Big Hit in the short span. Today, ‘Swapnil Saundarya’ is a brand , a Government registered enterprise and India’s first Hindi lifestyle ezine is something which the owners look at with wonder and gratitude.

Swapnil Saundarya Label’s product naturally reflect Designer Swapnil Shukla’s loves, be it Conventional , contemporary or Bohemian.Swapnil Saundarya Label is not about mass produced beauty, each product whether it is a Jewellery piece, Interior Accessory , Painting , Doll etc. is hand-made and the brother and sister Duo have a small team of tremendously talented craftspersons who take pride in making each piece beautiful.The Story behind one of the most admirable products of their label namely Desi Doll has also covered by India Voice News Channel , telecasted on 7th of Jan 2016.

Swapnil Shukla, Jewellery Designer, Columnist , Craft Expert & Co — Owner of Swapnil Saundarya

After graduating from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women , New Delhi in First with Distinction, Swapnil has studied export management and completed her Entrepreneurial Studies.Thereafter, she undertook various Jewellery design projects . She has also worked as Design Columnist for many Nationalized Magazines and started the famous and highly traffic grabber fashion & Lifestyle blog ‘Swapnil Saundarya’. Swapnil has also authored two books namely ‘Gehne — The Art of wearing Jewellery’ and Fashion Pandit . She has launched her own Designer Jewellery brand namely ‘Swapnil Jewels & Arts’ and with a desire to add new dimensions to the design and Art industry , she started ‘ Swapnil Saundarya Label ‘ with a motive to make everybody’s life beautiful and just like their Dream World .

Swapnil is the ‘FIRST’ Design Columnist who writes on the most intricate subjects i.e Fashion, Jewellery and Lifestyle in HINDI language …. She made her fashion columns and knowledge available to the hindi language people . Swapnil is also the FIRST craft expert who launched CHEMO DOLLS in India, which can help in conveying the psychosocial effects of treatment to cancer patients .

Swapnil has worn several hats.She is familiar with different mediums and patterns of Jewellery which includes Metal working, Fashion Jewellery, Bead Jewellery , Paper Jewellery to name a few. Besides, the designer prides herself on creating a new concept in the field of Jewellery i.e, Thread Jewellery and its gaining popularity rapidly .

Rishabh Shukla , Interior Designer , Painter and Co -owner of Swapnil Saundarya

Rishabh Shukla, a trained Interior Designer and self taught artist ( Surrealist ) from India, Affectionately known as ‘Painter Babu ‘ in the art community. Rishabh is known for depicting the sensuality and beauty of women in very graceful manner . He is also well versed in both ,Indian Folk Paintings and Indian Contemporary Paintings .Studied at the renowned INIFD ( International Institute of Fashion Design ), Delhi in 2006 , having 8+ years of work experience. He specializes in Interior Design Journalism and fine arts. Rishabh has worked in the design Industry since 2007 in the areas like Interior Design , Art & Colour Consultancy , Retail Design & Visual Merchandising , Art Appreciation, Product Designing, Writing & Design blogging .

Rishabh understands failure is part of the game.He left his home to pursue a career in Interior Design and he start working as Interior Designer at the tender age of 17 in Delhi.

Rishabh is one of the outstanding young Artists skilled in variety of handicrafts such as Painting, Metalcraft etc. Working for Swapnil Saundarya Label and Rishabh Interiors and Arts simultaneously , Rishabh has own acclaims from both critics and common people . He has held several art exhibitions and these have brought excellent response every time .Rishabh has authored two books on Interiors namely Ek Aashiyane ki Oar — A Guide for Residential Interiors and Supreme Home Therapy and also works as editor in chief of Swapnil Saundarya ezine ( An online Magazine dedicated to Art , Aesthetics, Culture , heritage and Literature ). Rishabh also blogs on Art, Interiors, Lifestyle and Society. He is also associated with the causes like ‘ Say No to Domestic Violence’ , ‘ ‘ Fight Against Child Abuse’ and ‘ Whole Body Donation’ and his association with these social causes , represents in his paintings as well .Rishabh’s abstract depictions of women are said to endorse the stereotype of ‘indianness’. His women are always represented as the mother, the lover, the seductress, or the muse.

Rishabh is the founder editor of Swapnil Saundarya ezine which is the first exclusive lifestyle ezine from India available in Hindi language ( Except Guest Articles ) updated bi- monthly .Swapnil Saundarya ezine keeps its readership in touch with all the areas of fashion , Beauty, Health and Fitness mantras, home decor, history recalls, Literature, Lifestyle, Society, Religion and many more and encourages them to make their life just like their Dream World . The intention is to provide an artistic platform to emerging as well as established artists, writers, performers , travelers etc. from around the world. Having published many artists, writers etc. till now , the editor is planning to release its first special edition issue in the form of Coffee Table Book in the end of this year that will also feature contributors already published on Swapnil Saundarya Ezine.”

The brother and sister duo are the recipient of Excellence Award 2016 in Fine Arts from Uttar Pradesh Art Society . Both of them also pledged to donate their eyes and body to Yug Dadhichi Deh Daan Sansthan for scientific research and medical education.

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