Big Data- Contemporary and the Future

Big Data is an emerging technology that is viewed to be worth billions to multinational corporations and of tremendous use to the government. It is the collection of exponential amount of data from which substantial analytics and insights can be gained.

If there is flu outbreak in the city the drug pharmacies would already be aware of the situation even before people actually start medical treatment. This gives tremendous profits to the multinational corporations and helps the government agencies plan well.

I have always been a keen observer of analytics especially in the field related to computing. I have been studying computer engineering with a focus on data analytics. I have talked to various professors, read several books and I also worked at IBM Big Data project to have a further understanding.

In today’s world we are surrounded by data and it is the answer to almost any problem we want to solve. Corporations collect data on our purchases, medical services gather our health data, phone companies keep a tab on our communication and social networks record every moment of our lives. I feel that the audience should be more aware of Big Data given the effect it has on people’s lives.

Now as you all know on the topic I am going to elaborate and its interesting applications that influence your daily lives,

I. Big data has heavily influenced the industries including human medical care and treatment.

A. Big data does not require special inputs and is a compilation of everyday data.

1. According to a book “Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think,”, the author of the book wears a small device which helps him track his everyday life and fitness. It does not require costly equipment but utilizes highly efficient algorithms. (Schonberger and Kukier, 2013)

2. These devices cost even less than $100 to the customer and can be readily used. (Schonberger and Kukier, 2013)

B. Big data is big (Science Daily, 2014)

1. Almost 90% of the world’s data was generated within the last two years. (Kiger, 2013)

2. About a million transactions occur at Walmart stores in just under an hour. (Kiger, 2013)

C. Big data can help track the flu

1. In the developed countries like the United Sates when people fall ill their first instinct is to search their illness symptoms on the web. (CNN news, 2013)

2. These search terms can be tracked to a location and its surrounding areas using advanced technologies. (Halverson, 2013)

3. Having tracked the flu symptoms and location, targeted medical help and supervision can be provided before the situation is out of control. (Halverson, 2013)

Big Data has numerous other applications which can be taken advantage of using negligible investments. There are governmental as well as non- governmental organizations which are pioneering research in this area and coming up with innovative applications.

I. There are various applications of big data which have been put to use for the betterment of humanity.

A. In the field of business and industries Big Data has been progressing rapidly.

1. It helps the businesses to target their potential customers and channelize delivery which in turn increases revenue per customer. (Marr, 2013)

2. It also optimizes business processes which drive the outputs further help and increases profits. (Marr, 2013)

3. It is one of the favorite tools in the stock markets given its predictive nature which helps people to get the maximum profit on their investment. (Marr, 2013)

B. The benefits of Big Data are not only limited to money making ventures but it can also be used in the benefit of humanity.

1. It is improving science and research by helping scientists analyze large chunks of data which help in formulating new theories and concepts. (Smith, 2013)

2. Security and law enforcement are getting a boost in the sense that all the communication can be analyzed which helps in tracking down criminals. (Marr, 2013)

3. Countries and cities can be made more efficient and productive by having predictive analytics of traffic systems and weather data. (IBM, 2013)

Now that you have explored some fascinating applications which will not only help in making profits but also in the welfare of the people. I would like to emphasize once more on the future of Big Data.

In this world where everything is becoming bigger and more complex it will be the future of Big Data which will help us to have considerable level of analytics at throwaway prices requiring almost no sophisticated equipment.

Next time during a flu outbreak if you go a pharmacy and they have the flu drugs stocked in abundance on their shelves. Don’t be surprised. It is this extreme level of computation and analytics which makes the world move a little farther forward.


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