Swappi Public Testnet & Bug Bounty

Test out Swappi and win rewards. Up to 100,000 $PPI reward pool!

Swappi DEX
3 min readMar 29, 2022

Our official launch is quickly approaching, and we’re excited to announce the details of our bug bounty program. The gauntlet has been thrown down, and we want you to do your best to try to smash some avocados! 🥑🥑🥑

The goal is to invite users to play around and test the Swappi DApp. If you find a bug or have any ideas that will improve the protocol, please report your feedback via the google form link here ⤵️


ℹ️ Please note, you will have to log into your Google account to fill out the form as we are asking for image uploads of bug examples to help us with the reporting.

Based on the value of the feedback, the qualified users will receive $PPI (Swappi token) as rewards. 🥳

The initial campaign will run from Tuesday March 29th, 2022 until the mainnet launch, up to 100,000 $PPI reward pool up for grabs!

To be qualified:

  1. Follow our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/SwappiDEX
  2. Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/Swappi_DEX
  3. Submit the Google form with your feedback: https://forms.gle/FJ1mjgGTT3PHsm5J7

Setup of the Conflux eSpace Testnet:

  1. In MetaMask, click on your profile and go to Settings.

2. From the Settings page, go to Networks and click Add a network.

3. On the Add a network tab:

a. Type “Conflux eSpace Testnet” as the network name.

b. Enter https://evmtestnet.confluxrpc.com or https://evmtestnet.confluxrpc.org as the new RPC URL.

c. Enter 71 as the chain ID.

d. Type “CFX” as the currency symbol.

e. In Block Explorer URL enter: https://evmtestnet.confluxscan.io

Claim your Testnet token:

You can claim CFX testnet token from: https://efaucet.confluxnetwork.org/ by inputting your testnet Metamask wallet address.

ℹ️ Notice: the faucet allows each address to claim 100 testnet eSpace CFXs per hour.

🥑 Experience Swappi:

Here is a link to the testnet. Click or copy it to your URL:


Once you are on the site, connect your MetaMask wallet to the DApp and you are ready to go.

You should start swapping CFX to other tokens and then experience the rest of the protocol.

Good Luck! 🎉

ℹ️ Reward for the same feedback/suggestion provided will only be given to the first person.

About Swappi

Swappi is the very first DEX to launch on Conflux eSpace, an EVM-compatible smart contract execution environment that allows developers to deploy and execute Ethereum-native dApps and smart contracts within the Conflux ecosystem. As an AMM-based DEX, Swappi lets users trade in a fully decentralized environment without registering or creating an account, enabling anyone to start trading within seconds.



Swappi DEX

AMM based Decentralized Exchange on Conflux eSpace