Google Summer of Code 2018: The build-up

Things are going great! The coding period has begun and I can see my progress here. I read a research paper on “Phase-resolved spectroscopy of low frequency quasi-periodic oscillations”. It was exciting to learn new concepts.

Coming to dealing with real dataset, Abigail Stevens gave me toy kHz, type-B and type-C QPOs dataset to play with. I used Stingray classes for the analysis. I must admit that taking courses like “Pattern Recognition” and “Signals and Systems” is really paying me off. In short, it’s all fun!

Playing with kHz QPO toy dataset

Later I made myself familiar with AstroPy modeling and fitting modules. They made it very easy to use. The documentation is great. You can learn more about it here.

What’s next? I have final end-sem exams starting next week. I will be off for a week but I guess I have made a good progress. I still have a lot to catch up.

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