Google Summer of Code 2018: The pressure is on!

It’s exam time!

The classes are off and all I have to do is prepare for my final exams. When I wake up, I have no idea whether it is weekday or weekend. All I can say is that the daily dose of morning coffee is working! “Study, eat, sleep repeat” has been my motto for the last one week.

Me at 2AM

But I have got to mention this. I am going back home after 10 months! It’s been so long to visit my hometown. Well, it’s more like borderline village. Haha. Finally, I’ll get to eat my mother’s cooked food (it’s a big deal in India, I tell you what).

I know, I know. This blog is supposed to be my GSoC progress report. But I’ve spent most of my time reading hundreds of pages and slides. I did get time to work on implement fit_crosspectrum function to fit an Astropy model on cross spectrum or averaged cross spectrum. It faced some difficulty but my mentors helped me to resolve the issue. I surely now appreciate continuous communication with GSoC mentors more than ever. Also, my PR for Astropy was accepted. I look forward to contributing in OpenAstronomy community in future. That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

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