GSoC 2018: Monsoon Teatime ☕

Photo from my Google Photos archive

Finally, it rained here, making it a perfect time to drink tea, enjoy pakodas and play guitar!

Also, phase 1 evaluation is over! What did I do? I finished the implementation of CCF phase-resolved spectroscopy technique. I wrote the complete pipeline starting from fitting models to power spectrum and cross spectrum to calculation of cross-correlation. We have two filters for cross spectrum: optimal filter and window function. We used standard error to compute CCF error. I learned more about Fourier transformation.

Next step is implementation of phase-resolved spectroscopy of LF-QPOs (Ingram 2016). The paper proposes the method of reconstruction of QPO waveform my measuring the average values for the amplitudes of, and phase difference between, the first two QPO harmonics. I learned an interesting minimization method — Brent’s method. I am almost done with the phase-resolving method so I think we are at a good pace to finish the second evaluation tasks earlier than expected (I think?). I also created new pull requests underway. The complete progress can be found here.

Also, I am glad to see my college’s name in GSoG blog:

This blog looks short and sweet so I’ll end it here. Cheers!