Introducing Staking for the SwapTracker Token ($SWPT)

Following the launch of the $SWPT token on BSC, we’ve turned our attention to adding ways to reward and incentivize our growing community. With that in mind, we’re pleased to introduce staking rewards on the SwapTracker platform.

We’re rolling out two forms of staking for $SWPT token holders: single asset and LP. In the case of the former, you can simply lock your $SWPT tokens into the corresponding smart contract to begin earning rewards. With LP staking, you must first provide liquidity for SWPT-BNB on PancakeSwap and then stake your LP tokens into the smart contract on the SwapTracker website.


How can I get the $SWPT tokens needed to join the Single Staking pool ?

In order to join the Single Staking pool you need $SWPT tokens in your wallet , you can buy them directly from PancakeSwap following this link.

How can I get the LP tokens needed to join the SWPT-BNB LP pool ?

In order to join the SWPT-BNB LP pool you need a special token issued in exchange for a provision of liquidity on PancakeSwap , the token is called Liquidity Pool (LP)

Add liquidity to the SWPT/BNB pool on Pancake Swap and start earning rewards, here’s how to go about it:

  1. Get your wallet with SWPT tokens ready
  2. Now you can visit the pool section of Pancake Swap.

Make sure to have SWPT and BNB ready with a 50% rate each.
Add SWPT/BNB liquidity, just as you would on any other AMM

After this process , you will receive the LP token directly to your wallet , ready to stake into our SWPT-BNB LP and enjoy rewards!

Rewards for staking will be allocated at the following rate:

Staking rewards will last for 6 months, giving you plenty of opportunity to utilize your $SWPT tokens while also boosting liquidity for other users. It’s a net win for the SwapTracker community.

How to join SwapTracker staking program

  1. Go to
  2. Unlock your wallet (Unlock Wallet Button) in order to login to the Staking App
  3. Chose Single staking or LP Staking. Steps are the same for both pools.
  4. Click “Enable” button in order to join your preferred pool
  5. Confirm the transaction trough MetaMask popup.
  6. Click the “+” button , a pop up will be shown, here you can choose the amount to be staked
  7. Select the amount you’d like to stake , and confirm the transaction through MetaMask
  8. Enjoy your rewards!




Simple, effective and user-friendly tools for your everyday de-fi activities.

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Simple, effective and user-friendly tools for your everyday de-fi activities.

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