Avail the Legacy by Achieving high-quality Dwellings

Making a purchase of a housing accommodation at a good location amidst the capital territory of Delhi is becoming a matter of distant dream in the present days. The officers can live together in close proximity and all the communication arrangements have also been well conceptualised b the planners. The DDA’s land pooling policy and the Government’s declaration of developing the capital of the country as a global city provide all the modern amenities. The national capital region opts for a vision to provide high-quality dwellings with green technology. Thus, a secure and clean environment accommodates the officers housing scheme with true homes amidst the homely atmosphere.

This is to ensure that the residents can live together in cooperation rather than competition. The members dwelling in the flats of officers housing scheme are particularly the government officers and thus the society envisions the availability of a close and cohesive ambience to the members do that they can visualise the upcoming days to foster fraternity and brotherhood among all. 
The flats in Delhi are basically contemplated to become one of the major hubs in the country for the population in the coming future. The flats basically witness the various apartment features that include the availability of freehold property with the registry. Other furnished features of the apartment include POP, flooring, ceiling, paint, lights and fans. Each of the towers is also provisioned with passenger and service elevators along with piped gas. The area avails a well-structured layout with a spacious surrounding. There is adequate optimisation of natural light. Other sorts of building specifications include the availability of reception and waiting for a lounge in each of the towers. The floor plans ensure the provision of 3 BHK + Study, 3 BHK + S + SQ and 4 BHK + S + SQ. The residences also come up with various additional faculties that include fully furnished badminton court, a proper lawn tennis court, a clubhouse for the members, a gymnasium to encourage the fitness lovers, playing area for the kids, a basketball and separate swimming pools for adults as well as the children. 
Some additional features that are worth mentioning in this context include the provision of a smart way of waste water recycling, smart usage of spaces to enhance the concept of green building and a mini theatre to accommodate the entertainment lovers. The region is the best to give fresh air to the job men at the end of the tiring day as over sixty percent of the land was reserved for the parks. They also provided the facility of uninterrupted 24/7 power and water supply. Each block has high-speed lifts, spacious balconies, a clubhouse exclusively for the members, brilliantly designed landscape area. The houses follow latest fire safety procedures, hut for meditation and a jogging track. Security is ensured with 24 hour CCTV surveillance along with proper Wi-Fi availability and library.