Reason behind the Recent Development of Building Projects in Delhi NCR

Recently, there has been massive surge in the property development projects in Delhi NCR because of infrastructural developments taking place in this area.

So, do you know where Jewar is? Jewar, a part of Delhi NCR is a nagar panchayat operating under the district of Gautam Buddha Nagar. It was earlier a part of the district of Bulandhshahar in Uttar Pradesh. The total population of this place is 32, 269 and it is yet to taste full-scale development. Jewar Airport Projects have been launched for the ease of the people living in the cities of Rajasthan and western UP. These are the people who need to travel to Delhi airport which takes around two hours. Building an airport in Jewar will solve the time constraint problems of these people. Apart from this, it is also being considered that this proposed airport in Jewar would offer fliers an affordable option. It is being built as an integral part of the regional connectivity scheme of the Government of India.

Benefits for the Land Owners
The launch of the airport building plan in Jewar would also benefit the land owners. Around 2, 378 acres of land has been already acquired for developing the airport. It is due to this airport plan that the state government is also looking forward to developing infrastructure. This will further simplify the procedure of land acquisition resulting in huge monetary benefits for the land owners in Jewar.

Benefits for the Rest Estate Sector
Jewar Airport Projects would be highly beneficial for the real estate sector. This is because the launch of an airport in Jewar will open stages of great opportunity for the home buyers and the builders. It will also be beneficial for the ones who are in the look out of residential and commercial complexes in Jewar and the surrounding areas. The airport project is also considered to boost the residential and the commercial projects in Delhi NCR. Since the announcement of the airport project many developers have started with their endeavour of building residential and commercial complexes in Jewar, Yamuna Expressway and even in Delhi NCR. This comes as a great option for the people looking for safe, secure and luxurious apartments in these areas.

Investments in Jewar
Expecting the arrival of a new airport, there are many real estate developers who have heavily invested in residential and the commercial projects in Delhi NCR, Jewar and Yamuna Expressway. The recent droop in the property market has been the cause of inventory pile-up. A proposed airport will affect the property prices in Jewar positively. The airport will be giving a great bounce to the property market in Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway. Jewar has come up as a new aspiration and hope for the people living in Delhi NCR and even for the property developers. The airport presence in Jewar is thought to accelerate the purchasing of property which will further create great thrust for the property developers. This sector will also achieve improved market appreciation resulting in better property demand in the near future.