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Currently the cryptocurrency market at the stage of volatile growth. The number of people showing a direct interest in cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. This applies to both professional players (traders, investors, etc.) and ordinary users.

The positive dynamics of the crypto-assets market and an increased interest from investors, leads to a creation of a large number of exchanges and trading platforms.

The downside is that there is no unified market infrastructure. Investors are forced to interact with a huge number of exchanges in order to be able to trade, as well as being able to collect information and trading strategies from many different sources. This situation presents us with a unique opportunity to become the largest player in the market.

We are building a platform that is designed to make a trading process quick and convenient. By using the SwapZilla platform, the investor will receive all the necessary tools to have an access to all crypto asset classes.

Another significant problem is the lack of a unified information outlet. In order to select the best assets and trading strategies, investor is forced to look for information on the open sources, analyze dozens of news and analytical channels, in search for the best investment ideas. This makes the investment process long and laborious. This is the main problem that reduces the attractiveness of the crypto market, and often becomes a barrier to the entry of new investors.

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SwapZilla will change that forever. Our trading platform will provide the user with a comprehensive service, that will make trading simple and convenient. With our unique information and analytical system, the trader will receive:

  • Information and news on any crypto asset or market segment.
  • Personalized feeds.
  • Updated catalogue of the most effective trading strategies.
  • Recommendations and analytics from market experts.
  • Market signals.

Our goal is to become, not only the best trading platform, but also to create an infrastructure solution that will meet the requirements of all market players.

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SwapZilla — is a unique infrastructure solution that revolutionizes crypto trading.

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