Trading and movement of cryptocurrency exchange prices

In today’s post we will tell you about the movement of cryptocurrency exchange prices and how the trading on the cryptocurrency exchange works.

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What factors shape the movement of cryptocurrency exchange prices?

The general increase in demand for bitcoin or other promising cryptocurrency. Many small and medium investors are able to make the cryptocurrency price creep up due to an increase in demand for it. In the case when the manipulators stimulate the acceleration of price growth, this fuels a massive stir around the acquisition of this cryptocurrency, and as a result, growth becomes even more rapid.

In a situation of overbought market (and sometimes due to disappointment in the capabilities of a particular cryptocurrency), a decrease (correction) in prices occurs, sometimes including panic “drains” of an asset, which are accompanied by an additional drop in its exchange rate, and therefore are especially favorable for purchasing. Overbought conditions and a serious decline in asset prices are normal consequences of rapid growth and normal elements of overall growth.

How exactly does trading on the cryptocurrency exchange work?

In general, in order to trade on a selected pair, you must either buy cryptocurrency at the best prices currently available (for this you use “on the market” purchase), or create an order to buy cryptocurrency at your price, if you think that the current price will decrease in the foreseeable future (use limit orders to buy at your chosen price). After the cryptocurrency is purchased, you can create a limit order and put down the price at which you would like to sell the cryptocurrency; You can also keep cryptocurrency on your exchange balance sheet, waiting for a favorable price, so that when it is reached, realize your cryptocurrency in the market.

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