Any trading strategy will be absolutely pointless if you cannot control your emotions and have not developed a special, #trading psychology. You must have three main components: mind, money, and method. It doesn’t matter how much experience you get in price action if you don’t understand how much your state of mind affects trading and how emotions can lead you into trouble.

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Failure to do this will result in you never earning here. Therefore, you need to make a CONSCIOUS ATTEMPT to manage your emotions during trading. …

Hello! Today we will tell you about cryptocurrency regulations and the status of traders in the modern world.

📌 The main problem of cryptocurrencies for the regulators — is the anonymity of its owners.

Anonymity can be used not only for the good but also to the detriment of someone. For example, to finance terrorism or to launder the money.

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📖 It was to prevent illegal activities that the AML-KYC policy was introduced on all exchanges that have a license for their activities.

❓ However, this only applies to exchanges. How are state cryptocurrencies regulated?

🏆 Now there is a small list of countries where cryptocurrencies are completely legal. These are Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia, Croatia, Denmark, South Korea. …

In today’s post we will tell you about the movement of cryptocurrency exchange prices and how the trading on the cryptocurrency exchange works.

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What factors shape the movement of cryptocurrency exchange prices?

The general increase in demand for bitcoin or other promising cryptocurrency. Many small and medium investors are able to make the cryptocurrency price creep up due to an increase in demand for it. In the case when the manipulators stimulate the acceleration of price growth, this fuels a massive stir around the acquisition of this cryptocurrency, and as a result, growth becomes even more rapid.

In a situation of overbought market (and sometimes due to disappointment in the capabilities of a particular cryptocurrency), a decrease (correction) in prices occurs, sometimes including panic “drains” of an asset, which are accompanied by an additional drop in its exchange rate, and therefore are especially favorable for purchasing. Overbought conditions and a serious decline in asset prices are normal consequences of rapid growth and normal elements of overall growth. …



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