Swarm Capital to assist with the launch of Siemens #connect2evolve:
A blockchain based fundraising initiative designed to help bring sustainable energy to Africa.

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Swarm Capital’s white label infrastructure platform has been selected to help facilitate a fundraising initiative to encourage clean energy production in Africa. The Siemens #connect2evolve initiative aims to bring sustainable and accessible energy to communities across the African continent, starting with the community of Bacco Ndieme in Senegal.

One of the biggest challenges in Africa, for its people and the future progressive development of their lives, is basic access to energy — not least from reliable or clean sources. Currently, with only partial power generation capacity versus demand, any existing capacity in areas such as in Bacco Ndieme comes from unreliable, expensive and polluting diesel generation. …

Swarm Capital proposes industry working group for regulatory processes under the new German crypto law

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New German Crypto Law

Surely many of you have read about some exciting new regulatory developments within Germany, that will allow to offer regulated cryptocurrency services under the new German law.

The law, which went into effect this year, extended license requirements for certain crypto services and offers a so-called grandfathering according to Sec. 64y KWG until such licenses are applied for and ultimately granted.

Like several others in the market, Swarm Capital is interested in obtaining certain licenses under this new law.

Preparing for the application…

A self-serve tool for asset tokenization

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The power to tokenize at your fingertips

Swarm Capital introduces the SWARM App: a self-serve tool that is capable of issuing fully regulatory compliant digital securities or tokens. Named for the nonprofit, open-source protocol that it’s built upon, the SWARM app empowers users to wield the core feature list of the latest SRC20 smart contracts deployed on the SWARM Protocol.

The SWARM app intuitively guides token issuers through a friendly UI, beginning by defining and configuring, then minting, and eventually issuing a fully regulatory compliant SRC20 security token. …

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