Swarm Capital to help launch #connect2evolve initiative

Swarm Capital
Mar 10 · 3 min read

Swarm Capital to assist with the launch of Siemens #connect2evolve:
A blockchain based fundraising initiative designed to help bring sustainable energy to Africa.

Swarm Capital’s white label infrastructure platform has been selected to help facilitate a fundraising initiative to encourage clean energy production in Africa. The Siemens #connect2evolve initiative aims to bring sustainable and accessible energy to communities across the African continent, starting with the community of Bacco Ndieme in Senegal.

One of the biggest challenges in Africa, for its people and the future progressive development of their lives, is basic access to energy — not least from reliable or clean sources. Currently, with only partial power generation capacity versus demand, any existing capacity in areas such as in Bacco Ndieme comes from unreliable, expensive and polluting diesel generation.

The #connect2evolve pilot project, powered by Swarm Capital, aims to facilitate access to reliable and clean energy for up to three thousand people. This initiative will have a transformational impact on the daily lives of the entire community. It will also foster environmental protection and preservation through the use of advanced clean energy technologies. Put simply, #connect2evolve has the potential to greatly increase the quality of life for many in the region while also protecting the environment for all.

Swarm Capital is enabling the project to raise funds globally and seamlessly via blockchain technology, allowing the contributors unrivaled transparency when compared to legacy fundraising frameworks. This initiative has clear intentions to demonstrably measure the subsequent impact of contributions, while simultaneously engaging contributors with the project on a much deeper level than previously possible. This deeper engagement will be achieved by the disbursement of blockchain based impact tokens to contributors.

Market research and associated industry reports indicate tokenization and global fundraising via blockchain based regulatory compliant digital tokens is expected to be an evolutionary next-step in the rapidly growing intersection of technology and finance. Swarm Capital achieves these regulatory compliant capabilities via the SWARM protocol. The SWARM protocol enables digital tokens that are programmed with a set of restrictions, requirements, and guidelines to ensure compliance with specific regulatory criteria. Swarm Capital is working with multiple partners in the tokenization space to increase access for projects to funding, while providing transparency and potential liquidity options post fundraising.

With its experience in blockchain-based tokenization and fundraising, Swarm Capital was selected to develop and customize this technology in line with the project’s goals.

“The collaboration between Siemens’ #connect2evolve team and Swarm Capital has been very positive, and has laid the foundation to develop this project into a fully viable fundraising mechanism that brings much needed services to those in most need.”

Maria Rossbander, Strategic Marketing, Innovation and Blockchain Expert, Siemens Gas & Power

Swarm Capital is proud to be working with Siemens on this commendable initiative. Swarm Capital looks forward to delivering more offerings in the renewable energy space in the near future.

Go check out the #connect2evolve pilot project and join us to bring mobile solar power to Senegal!

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