Frivolous mind! and there.

What’s the fuss all about? Career decisions and frivolous mind. YES!

The burgeoning problem of youngsters. Well, not all. But mostly. Graduating from a reputed college alone doesn’t make a person feel satisfied. Not at all. I may sound dogmatic, but it’s the reality. There will be a myriad of ideas coming to our mind, once we are set independent.. Be it, a sudden interest in cooking, to pull out few novels and read(We may love Chetan Bhagat books also, at this point of time), sudden fascination about photography/music and the list goes on. Our monkey minds likes to experiment new things only when we certainly know that we will be put into dire situations. Still, why are we doing which is not to be done? FRIVOLOUS mind.

Paying heed to that frivolous mind, we also act. But the fear in us about making a heap, ufff.. It’s the real struggle. Just act to what your instinct says, it’s your decision ultimately. Good or bad, you can take it always.

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