3 Ways to Get FREE Music for Videos

So you need background music and don’t know where to look. You don’t want to step over copyright boundaries. Look no further.

Music and sounds are a crucial part of video making and the video editing process. I will go over a few places that I use for my videos and what makes them so great!

The first place is NoCopyrightSounds on YouTube which compiles a lot of music in which the artists allow people to use their music as long as attribution is applied. I like this route because there is a lot of innovative upbeat music on it that makes for some great feeling in videos.

The next place is exactly what the URL states: Free soundtrack music. This is a great place for royalty-free tracks to use in films, youtube videos or what ever your heart desires. Although there are a few music options available for purchase, the majority of the site provides free tracks.

The last great option is to browse Soundcloud’s free background music section. There is a plethora of music to choose from for any type of video. It covers just about every type of genre which will help the selection process.

Music is a powerful tool to help shape perspective and guide the viewer into the direction that you intend. Music can make a happy scene sad and a sad scene happy, so choose carefully.