Color Correction vs. Color Grading

How do you get your videos to look like the Hollywood films? Do you feel like you have similar angles and compositions but the results aren’t the same? Learning about color correction and color grading can step up your game!

Color Correction:

This is the process of taking raw footage or a flat profile image and getting a starting point for the color grading process. The goal is to make sure white looks white. A before and after example is below.

Color Grading:

This is the process of creating the “film look” or what ever look you are going after to help aid in the story telling process. The most common look in Hollywood for action films is the teal and orange. An example of this is located below.

The importance of color grading and color correction in story telling must not go unnoticed. It is the final touch with any project and has the potential to make or break a film.

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