Double Exposure Effect

Combine two images together and make it seem like one video is taking place in another.

The example screenshot above shows a guy with an aerial shot of a bridge in the silhouette of his body, yet it still shows some details of his face and clothing.

  1. To start of you will need the two images that you want to use this effect with. In this case: A video of a guy and an aerial shot of a bridge.
  2. The first thing to do is use the keyer effect in the effects browser and key out the main image (guy) adjusting the strength and levels so only the guy is selected.
  3. Next put the aerial video of the bridge underneath the (guy) clip.
  4. To bring out the details of the guy you will need to add a luma keyer effect from the effects browser and toggle with the luma slides until it is to your liking.

I like this effect because it provides so many options when it comes to editing and the vast variety of visuals that are possible.