Make a Hyper-lapse

Hyper-lapses are basically stop motion animation which takes the form of a video. It is a great way to add some spice to videos of all kinds.

At the 1:02 mark in the video below is a great example of a hyper-lapse.

To get an effective hyper-lapse, you will need: a dslr camera, a tripod and time.

The basics of how the hyper-lapse works:

  1. Line up the grid in your view finder on a fixed landmark and take the first picture. (Check exposure and framing)
  2. Next you will take a step in what ever direction you would like (making sure grid is on the same point) and take another picture.
  3. You will repeat this process for how ever long you wish.

Generally, for every 200 photos taken, you will get about 4 seconds of time-lapse.

In post-processing there are several things we can do to make a much smoother looking hyper-lapse. In Premiere Pro it is called warp stabilizer and in Final Cut Pro X it is located in the inspector window.

When you are finished you will end up with a rare style of video that isn’t widely seen.

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