Mirror Effect

Mirror anything with a simple twist on effects loaded onto your final cut pro x program.

This mirror effect works well with water compositions or cool sky compositions. The effect basically flips the image on top of itself while adding a kaleidoscope type effect also.

  1. The first step is to get a clip onto the timeline with a video that has a composition of your liking.
  2. Next drag the “kaleidoscope” effect from the effects browser onto the clip.
  3. In the inspector window you will see a lot of different options and sliders. Change the offset angle to 0 degrees and the segment angle to 90 degrees. This will cut out most of the kaleidoscope effect and only leaving the effect you see in the picture above.

You can add this effect to the original clip by fading in or out to create a smooth and seamless transition. This effect creates an inception type look and will capture the viewers’ attention in an instant.

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