Photoshop: How to Stitch a Landscape Panorama

I love landscape photography, so lets get more of the landscape in the photo! I will take you step by step how to stitch together images in photoshop to create a high quality panorama.

Mt. Rainier
  1. The goal with the panorama is to create an image larger than the field of view of your camera, so you will need a tripod and when taking photos you need to make sure the camera is on the same horizontal plane.
  2. Open Photoshop, Choose File > Automate > Photomerge.
  3. Navigate to your files through the pop up window below.

4. Choose the following boxes:

Blend Images Together: this will have photoshop attempt to blend exposure and color of all the images.

Vignette Removal: this corrects vignetting around the edges.

Geometric Distortion Correction: this helps correct lens distortion from wide angle lenses.

5. Select a Layout option to merge the photos. Auto works well for me.

Click OK to begin the Photomerge process. Photoshop then opens all of the images and stitches them toghether..

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