Photoshop: “Reflection Lake”

In this blog I will walk you through a photoshop edit and why I did what I did. One thing I love about photo manipulation is that you can literally do anything. Take me to the aurora borealis!

  1. This scene originally had a cabin but I felt it would take away too much from the attention to the waterfall that I was trying to portray.

2. I first started by cropping down the image and getting rid of the sky because why have a blue sky when you can have a sky with the aurora!

3. The next step is to put in the photo of the aurora to complete the scene and the fun stuff begins to take place!

4. Now that we have our base image I wanted to add a big waterfall between the two tallest peaks! So I cut out a waterfall and feathered the edges while adding some splash in the water below.

5. I was almost done at this point but again I felt like I could add more so I wanted to show some aurora reflection on the lake below. Softened the edges around the lake to blend it all together.

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