Photoshop: “Tide Pools”

In this blog I will walk you through a photoshop edit and why I did what I did. The original was a gopro video that I had taken a screen shot from. Here’s what I came up with.

  1. I have done a lot of space edits but with this one I wanted to create something that combined real with the unreal.
  2. I started by cutting out the sky of the gopro photo. And as you can see it is really distorted. I liked this because it adds to the unrealistic effect.

3. Next I added an image of a galaxy that is a composite of some far away system.

4. Since the horizon line is so rough and doesn’t blend well, I decided to add some clouds as they are the best option for smoothing out hard edges.

5. Then I brought down the brightness of the foreground image to make it seem like it was taken at night time.

6. Finally added my own touches with the saturation, sharpness and contrast to come up with the final image.

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