Separated Glitch Effect

This tutorial will show you how to match a glitch effect on a specific part of an image with a glitch sound.

As you can see in the screen shot above the guy has a glitch looking effect while the rest of the image looks normal. This is an effect that comes in and goes, so it is like a flashing glitch effect that makes the video seem a little sci-fi.

  1. Once you have your preferred video in the timeline and know which part of the image you want to have the effect we can add the “bad tv” effect from the effects browser onto the clip.
  2. Now in the inspector on the “bad tv” effect click the color mask so we can pinpoint which area of the image that we want to have the effect.
  3. In this case we would select the black of the pants and the backpack of the guy. This allows the effect to only take place on the areas of the color that is selected.
  4. After that you can fine tune it with the amount and softness sliders to get the look to you liking.
  5. The last thing is to grab a sound from the sound collection that has the sound you are going far and making sure it is timed up well with the pace of the glitch.

This effect is good for compositions such as the one above where there is a wide landscape and you want to time the effect with music during a music video or something like that.