Tilt Shift Effect (Miniature World)

This effect makes life size videos transform into a miniature world.

The basic effect as shown above creates a look as if you are looking into a small size world by simply shifting the focus in a specific way to get the right effect.

  1. We will first need a video clip, (Preferably an aerial shot because the effect becomes exaggerated).
  2. In the effects browser we will drop the “focus” effect on to our selected clip.
  3. Next move the circle of the “focus” effect to the area that you would like to have the effect.
  4. In the “focus” effect toggle with all of the sliders until you get the effect that best suites your liking. Start with sliding the width to 100 and work from there.

This provides a shock reaction for the viewers because it has that ‘wow’ impact that normal aerial shots don’t have.