Keeping track of the Best android apps is a tricky. A blessing, with thousands of apps uploaded each day to the play store, the next great apps might have just rolled on or will be coming soon.

Despite all that, for great basic functionality of android phones, here is a list of some of the apps you must have on your phone.

1. Google Suite

No doubt, if you don't have it then just install it, most of it moreover. Google is the so called owner of the whole android OS, so it has the apps that are well customized for better performances…

Remember when in childhood, you are said to go to a certain place with the direction being said, go two lefts, one right, and straight,and another left. Irrespective of that, you always end up lost, or not you but may be there was some other child, another friend who definitely has direction issue.

The condition can pretty much sum up for how the film unit messed up with the sixth series of Game of thrones. It is an epic series, set up in a medieval period, themed mostly around politics and families whose family tree just gets broaden with each new episode. Besides all that the main thing is it is an adaptation of “A song of ice and fire” novel series by George R.R. Martin. The author who is inspired from J.R.R. Tolkien and which just explains the slight similarities of this series with The Lord of the Rings series.

The Lord…

The movies have gone so mainstream that every one is copying from the other. The translated ones, the inspired ones and the most notorious, the sequels. So, I wanted to list the movies that are just different from the rest of the pack, or those that cannot be copied much easily. 

1. Days of Heaven

I have watched many(I mean it) movies to this
date, yet at no point have I been more touched by the cinematography,
music and the narration than this one. While watching this, I feel
the wind blowing, the small happy and cherishing feels and the
struggle that is in life. This is like…

How to get the most out of your linux system.In short how do you make it more productive. The power of linux lies in terminal. So we got to do many of our things there. This article is based on the powerful terminal tools mostly.

1. wget

Talk about the most powerful feature this might end up as the best one. Wget is the command line downloader to download any file, without a need for third party downloader softwares. It is by default present in most of the linux distros.Just simply typewget <link to your file>eg. 	wget alchemist.pdf

2. youtube-dl

The long debated question that makes a headline with people of any age-group, which despite the intelligence of the debaters and yet intelligently goes unanswered, all the time. So, which one is better ? The feeling of getting lost in world of words in the stories that takes a good amount of time to finish, or the ones that has a limited duration but is visually pleasing with all kind of modernities. Here are some of the factors I found out to judge them.
  • Imagination
A story is always about giving the readers or viewers, the sense of feeling that…

Through out the globe, irrespective of the
religion,gender, geography, or the certain level of disparity created
by money, all of us human, have a desire, a wish to be like someone
else. To live like them, someone other's life. Those person who we
look to are our idols.
That's simple, a basic fundamental thing every
human being feels, may he/she be someone living in New York, or
someone from the remote villages of some African country. Everyday we
need someone to inspire us, to make us dream about how far we are
from living a good life.
And for the…

So you are into the open-source world, you installed the OS. It is just the start, what you do afterwards will define how you are going to be on the right side of the power curve that is Linux. 
Here are some of the things you need to know/do.

1. Know the terminal.

Just get used to it. Open it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T in your keyboard. This command line interface is where you will be spending more of your time on to simplify your life with Ubuntu.It can be used for everything, from updating or upgrading the system, installation of new programs, to…

Swarup Rajbhandari

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