What Are The Various Risk Factors For Diabetes In Women?

Men as well as women are at the risk of suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar. It is because diabetes may be caused in any person irrelevant of gender. It is mainly caused due to autoimmune action of the immune system. Also there are some other factors that may be responsible for causing diabetes or high blood sugar in patients. But there are some risk factors that increase the chances of occurrence of diabetes or blood sugar in women. Here are some of the top risk factors that may make women a victim of diabetes.


Women who are more than 45 years of age are more likely to suffer from diabetes. It is because of change in the eating habits as well as reduction in the absorption of sugar by the body. At the same time, physical changes or hormonal changes taking place in the women’s body are also responsible for causing diabetes.

Obesity or over weightiness

Definitely, excessive body weight or obesity is one among the major risk factors for obesity in women. Women who are overweight are more likely to suffer from diabetes.

Genetic predisposition

Women who have a family history of the diabetes are also at high risk of getting affected with diabetes. It is due to transference of defective genes to the future generations from the parents to siblings.

High blood pressure

It is strange to know that high blood pressure or hypertension is also a major causative factor for high blood sugar. Presence of excess of cholesterol in the blood results in hyperglycaemia too.

Over weight of the baby at the time of birth

Women who have had a baby whose birth weight is over 9 pounds are also at high risk of getting affected with diabetes.

Physical inactivity

Women who exercise less than three times a week are also at high risk of getting affected with diabetes. It is because sugar present in the blood is not completely oxidized due to inactivity. This in turn results in high blood sugar or hyperglycaemia.

Gestational diabetes

Women who suffer from gestational diabetes are also more prone to get diabetes. It is due to high risk of autoimmune action of the defence mechanism of the body.

Heart problems

Those who have some heart problems or heart stroke are also likely to suffer from diabetes. It is due to direct link of the blood supplied from the heart to the entire body.

Certain health conditions

There are certain health conditions that also increase the chances of occurrence of polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. Again it may be due to hormonal fluctuations taking place in the body that may lead to increase in blood sugar levels in the body.

What lifestyle changes can help in managing diabetes?

  • Women must exercise daily and regularly to maintain a healthy weight so that they may remain safe against diabetes.
  • Smoking should be avoided at all costs.
  • Diet that is low in sugar content must be taken by diabetic patients.
  • Depend upon fresh fruits and vegetables instead of fried, processed or junk foods.

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