Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

We live in a world where calamities can occur anytime & anywhere. Though we have no control over natural disasters we can stop the man-made ones to a certain extent. Fire is one such calamity that takes away many lives every year. Though we all hope that this never happens, it is always advisable to follow safety measures to prevent fire. Hence, it becomes necessary to have an appropriate firefighting system at your establishment. One such firefighting equipment available in the market is Clean Agent Fire Suppression System.

What are Fire Suppression Systems?

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are capable of detecting and CO2 extinguishing a fire. These systems contain clean agent gases such as HFC227ea, FK5112, Inert gases etc.This type of systems does not require human supervision and are suitable for large establishments as they are designed as per NFPA standards.The main application of the system is for data centers, server rooms or UPS rooms where important data is stored or expensive material is placed which you cannot afford to lose in case of fire.

Below are a few advantages of having Clean Agent Fire Suppression System at your premises:

Total solution of fire:

As these types of systems are capable of detecting fire automatically it can also be considered as your ultimate firefighting solution

Safe for human:

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are manufactured as per the best industry norms thus making it 100% safe.

Environment friendly:

This type of system is totally environment friendly, thus making it a perfect choice of firefighting equipment.

Residue free:

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems do not leave any remains after being used so opting for them is a wise choice.

24x7 Protections:

Apart from protecting your assets it also protects your employees/family members and ensures that there is minimum damage.

Multiple actuations:

These systems come with an option of more than one actuation therefore they are suitable for large spaces and also cost effective.