Design defines our experiences, and very subtly influences our choices. Every day we are exposed to enormous quantity of stimulations in the form of designs which sculpts our everyday decisions. Being one of the most hidden, yet important aspect of life, let’s talk design.

Talking about design ideas, sharing creative thoughts and ideating together should happen as often as possible and should be fun. …

This article has been authored by Kadambari Sahu, Vice President of Design, ValueLabs, and Swastika Dash, Design Strategist, ValueLabs.
It provides an introduction to design strategy. It points out the differences between design, strategy and design strategy and articulates its significance in business. It explores on how it works its way through in organisations and helps in growth.

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Design’s role is becoming central in shaping businesses, and its presence is being felt stronger than ever. It is quickly evolving, taking a cardinal role in innovation and broadening its influence in the business world.

Strategy, a rather well-known term in business, is the art and science of throwing light upon important insights and making worthy decisions. It encompasses of communicating timely plans and developing reliable processes that an organisation can adhere to. It helps in managing change to attain competitive advantage and success. …

Relating the Intangibles

This following article has been co-authored by me and one of my fellow classmates (Tarannum Bano) while we were understanding various intangible forces pull the strings of how we live, see, feel, grow and become.

Are we treating today’s businesses just as facets of an object or a concept? Or are they the very relationship that grows, evolves and connects?

Businesses today build into important intangible aspects in human life, creating greater engagement, distinction, and adherence. Every business has a defined personality that separates itself from the competition, allowing people to connect with it directly.

Thus, the focus has moved onto creating useful, engaging, entertaining and highly shareable content that people can be encouraged to invest their emotions, and time into. And it unfolds into a dynamic association that connects both the business and the people. …


Swastika Dash

Design & Experience Enthusiast, Poet

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