I stared at her face behind the window. Still as stone.
I wish I could find the window to her soul.
Earphones lay tangled on the table.
The knots seemed reluctant to go away.
The knots in my heart. I tried hard to listen. 
But the twisted wires carried just one sound.
The sound of my cries. Cries of anguish, cries for her.
Was there someone to quench my thirst ? 
Soothe my parched throat?
Where can I find another oasis in the deserted desert?
An oasis to replace the old well.A well whose depths I had not explored.
Well, if only, I had dived down. Down in her world.
A world of curiosities and awe. 
A strange world of naive innocence laced with grave apprehensions.
A world of imagination I had only heard in songs.
Songs found in dusty records and old tapes. 
Sung by people I would never meet in my life.
My life : an endless tunnel of possibilities with lights shimmering from disappearing corners.
Why did she have to wander into it?
How will all of this end? 
Will I find her lying helpless in a pool of dirt?
Or will I find her glowing the way she dazzles in my dreams?
Will someone answer my questions?
Or will they be lost forever in the never-ending maze?