You are not your body.
You are your consciousness.
You are the voice at the back of your head,
which orders you constantly. 
You are the one who makes you make your decision.
You are not a boy.
Nor a girl.
You are gender-less.
You are beyond genders. Beyond races. 
Beyond Categories.
You are an experience.
You are a thought-cloud floating around.
Through time. Across space.
You are beyond the worldly woes and changing times.
You are past your past experiences.
You are beyond emotions. 
You are beyond passions. 
Beyond the passion which drives this world. 
You drive yourself.
You are a blank slate.
A slate that doesn’t need a chalk to complete it.
You are complete.
You are this awareness.
You are the outcome of numerous possibilities.
You are an event.
You aren’t great. Nor trivial.
You are a part of nature.
Morphed and transformed.
You are not your ego.
You are not the person everyone perceives.
You are not the compliments you receive. 
Nor the comments.
Just Are.